The Certificate of Attendance with CME Credits is being validated with your total participation and will be sent to your registered email address within March 7th until 19th. 

You will have access to on-demand recorded sessions of ENDO Dubai 2021

Know more about the registration packages:


What will i get after i registered for the Online participation?

- Each participant will receive guidelines to the email address they used upon registration. This guidelines will inform them on  "WHEN, WHERE & HOW"  to create an account to access the website contents such us "The Participant's Portal" or how to connect during the meeting. 

Does ENDO Dubai 2021 provide CME Points?

- Yes!. All registered participants to ENDO Dubai 2021 with any of the participant's packages will be acquiring CME Points depending on their package and participation. Please refer to the CME Points details (HERE).

What is the MIS Academy Membership?

- All registered participants will automatically have a FREE ONE Year License account to be a member of MIS Academy where they will have access to all the educational contents of the website and exclusive community with

world-renowned experts ( 

Can i rewatch all the program sessions of ENDO Dubai 2021?

- Absolutely YES!. All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand through the ENDO Dubai website a day after the session. All registered online participants will have the access to ALL recorded sessions.

What is "The Participant's Portal"?

- All pre-recorded lectures will be published on this portal where you can submit questions to be answered live during the sessions or for VIP's to ask questions live regarding the lectures. It will be opened on February 7, 2021

What is the "Basic Online Participant" package?

- All participants who registered to this package will have a website account and will be able to access

"The Participant's Portal" where they can send questions regarding the published lectures that can be answered live. In addition, they can watch the live program from February 22 to 26, 2021 through the ZOOM portal.

What is the "VIP Online Participant" package?

- In addition to the benefits of a "Basic Online Participant", All participants who registered to this package will be able to interact live with an expert through the Q&A Chatbox and the "VIP Session". They will have special access to watch the live program directly from ZOOM portal or the through website from February 22 to 26, 2021.

What is the "VIP Session?

- If you are registered as a "VIP Online Participant", You automatically have the privilege to have 1 SLOT on the "VIP Session" where you will have the opportunity to interact live during the session of your choice on ZOOM portal or the from February 22 to 26, 2021 through the website. Pre-registration is required to reserve your slot for 10 people max daily per session. 

What is the "Onsite Participant?

- If you are registered as an "Onsite Participant", You automatically have the access to the onsite venue in Crowne Plaza, Deira Dubai UAE from February 25 to 26, 2021. Interact live onsite during those 2 days with workshops.

 What is the "BEST PACKAGE? 

- This package is the "BEST"!. All participants registered to this package will be able to access and enjoy ALL the benefits of both VIP Online & Onsite participant's package.

Registration Fees


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